First Visit

Welcome to our office. We are excited to have the the opportunity to meet your child. Their first visit will not only give us the opportunity to build that trust and relationship with them, but also allow them to feel comfortable with our friendly staff.

We want to keep this appointment as relaxed as possible. We will start out by reviewing your child’s medical and dental history. Based on your child’s age and any issues your child may be having, we will take few x-rays so we can get a complete picture of your child’s oral health. Dr. Marfatia will take a look inside your child’s mouth and discuss any concerns he sees or you may have with your child’s teeth. In addition to making sure your child has the best experience possible, we want to make sure you as parents also understand the dental needs of your child. Lastly, your child will get a cleaning and fluoride treatment, followed by our friendly staff will educate them and their parents on how to properly brush and floss and inspire their kids maintain their beautiful smile.

Complimentary Infant Exam (0 to 1 yr)

It is never to early start. Tooth decay is the number one preventable childhood disease. Prevention begins with good dental habits from a very early age. If you have a child younger then 12 months, we will be more then happy to provide a complimentary exam and discuss how we can help you and your child establish good dental habits and reduce the risk of cavities.

If you need more information regarding some of the dental procedures or other common questions, please visit our Pediatric Dentistry page.


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