What is a pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is sometimes referred to as a “baby root canal.” Sometimes due to severe decay, dental trauma, or pain, pulp therapy or a pulpotomy is needed. During a pulpotomy the pulp chamber, which contains the nerves and blood vessels of the baby tooth, is cleaned out. A biocompatible material is placed in center of the tooth previously occupied by the pulp. The tooth is then restored.

When does my child need a pulpotomy?

Some signs your child may need a pulpotomy are pain at night, pain on biting, constant pain or bleeding from the tooth due to truama. A thorough examination by the pediatric dentist will determine if pulpotomy will be the best form of treatment.

Is it painful?

No. Once the child is numb, a pulpotomy is a very quick procedure and your child should not have any discomfort during it.

How does taking out the nerve of the baby tooth affect the adult tooth?

The adult tooth is a separate tooth with its own nerve and blood supply. A pulpotomy on a baby tooth will have no effect on the nerve of the adult tooth. Afterwards, the baby tooth will fall out normally.

It is better just to pull the baby tooth out?

Every case is different. The pediatric dentist will evaluate the X-rays and symptoms and determine what the best treatment options are. Posterior or back teeth can stay in your child’s mouth into their teens. It is important to try to persevere the teeth if possible for eating, proper growth, and to maintain the arch length or space.


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