Pedo Partials

My child lost their front teeth, can we replace them?

The upper front adult teeth normally come in between 6-8 years of age. For children who lose their baby teeth early, either due to trauma or decay, a pediatric partial can be made to replace the missing teeth. These fake teeth look very natural and most kids tolerate them well.

Does my child need a pedo partial?

The primary function of a pedo partial is cosmetic. Having a nice smile and teeth "like all their friends" can go along way in making feel comfortable and good about themselves. It will also help with proper speech development.

Do they come in and out?

No. The fake teeth are attached to wire that is attached to two orthodontic bands. These custom fit bands are cemented to their back molars. Most kids adapt to them quickly and hardly notice anything different. While the partial can come off if your child eats really sticky foods or treats, they normally stay in quite securely.

How is the partial made?

The partials are made at a dental laboratory. An impression of your child's mouth will be taken. The models will be sent to the lab and about 2 weeks later it will be ready to be placed in your child's mouth.

How long will my child need to wear them?

The adult teeth normally erupt between 6-8 years of age. By looking at the x-rays, the pediatric dentist can get a rough idea of when the teeth will come out. At each routine check up, an x-ray will be taken to see the position of the adult teeth. When the teeth are close to coming in the partial will be removed.


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