Do you have digital x-rays?

Yes, our offices uses the latest digital technology. Digital x-rays allow us to greatly decrease the exposer time and minimize the radiation exposure to your child.

Are dental x-rays safe for my child?

Yes. The radiation exposure from dental x-rays is very minimal, especially with new modern digital x-ray technology. With the addition of a lead shield or apron and the highly focused beam of new x-rays, the amount of radiation exposure is almost negligible.

Do we have to take x-rays?

We only take the x-rays that necessary to ensure your child does not have any cavities. Infants often have large gaps between their baby teeth, so sometimes x-rays are not needed. However, as the back molars erupt (usually by age 2), the gaps tend to close. At this time x-rays become needed to diagnose any problems in between the teeth. X-rays will show information that can not be seen just by looking.

How often des the dentist need to take x-rays?

Generally, children should have x-rays taken at their 6 month check up appointment. Their mouths are constantly growing and changing and they are at a higher risk of tooth decay then an adult. However, every child is unique and have specific needs. Sometimes x-rays can be taken less frequently. We will only take the x-rays that are needed to properly evaluate your son or daughter.



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